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Empire Pots 65 Gallon w/ Full Wrap Handles

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Empire Pots are priced individually but sold in groups of 5. Shipping from Los Angeles

Empire pots are designed with the commercial grower in mind; our non woven porous fabric provides excellent aeration and durability giving your crop the superior growing environment helping you grow large healthy plants.

  • 65 Gallon 18” H x 32” W holding approximately 8.4 Cu/ft soil
  • 280 Gram Durable UV resistant fabric
  • BPA free
  • Industrial strength thread with 11 stitches per inch
  • Allows air flow to the plant rooting zone for fibrous root branching
  • Effective root zone temperature control
  • Can be used for multiple growing seasons
  • Prevents root circling
  • Does not trap water

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