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Smart Pot Black 150 Gallon

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Smart Pots For Healthy Plants
If you're looking to grow, thick, healthy plants, these unique patented Smart Pots are just what you need. Designed to allow excellent air-flow to the roots, these soft-fabric pots encourage faster, healthier growth. Despite their soft, fabric sides, these pots are surprisingly tough. They even have enough strength to support large trees. Commercial tree growers have actually been using these pots for more than 20 years.
Smart Pots have been designed with maximum aeration in mind. The air prunes the rooting structure of the plant and discourages the roots from circling around the inside of the pot(unlike plastic pots).
Better known as fabric containers, they also help control extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Thanks to these pots you can enjoy larger yields and flowers than ever before. They also make it easier and faster in terms of transplanting. Once they have been transplanted, the plants quickly become established due to the extreme rooting.
There are different sized pots available, some even come with handles! Smart Pots are the original which all other fabric pots try to replicate. Give Smart Pots a try and find out why so many people have decided to scrap their traditional ceramic, plastic and decorative containers. Smart Pots are made in America!This is for the black color, tan is also available. DIMENSIONS: 45" Wide x 22" Tall. Many additional sizes available!

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